What is ChatGPT?

Imagine a world where chatbots go beyond the same old responses, stepping into an era where they get us—REALLY get us.

To the degree that it’s often almost like chatting with another human.

ChatGPT is a chatbot designed by AI company OpenAI to make our lives easier by streamlining our access to information in ways we’ve never experienced before in the history of humankind.

Think about it—could any of your ancestors press a button and get all the information they need in seconds? I’m positive if they could, they wouldn’t be trekking uphill both ways in the snow to get to the library every time they needed to look up some small piece of info to settle a debate.

Now, you’ve probably used chatbots on a variety of websites, because they’re literally everywhere nowadays. It often feels like AI has been adopted by every company out there, and you’re not wrong.

They’re catching the wave, just like you should be! learn to use the tools they offer, and you’ll be in an excellent position to excel in your life and job. AI is *empowering as fuck*.

Now, let’s talk about what it can *do* for you, and why you need to know about it right meow.

Create an account, log into the ChatGPT website, and you can start chatting immediately for free. Drop a question or prompt, and ChatGPT immediately gets to work, churning out a response that feels tailor-made for you.

Depending on the complexity of your request and the model you’re using (3.5 or 5), you get a response within seconds giving you way more information than you could locate, WAY faster. 

It’s like having a conversation with someone who’s incredibly capable, reliable, and has been paying attention… which we all know is really rare.

What can it do for you?

Guys… the tasks this thing can accomplish are crazy. I see it as, like, a Swiss Army knife for all your digital needs.

  • People with disabilities are using it to level the playing field with quick access to both information and opportunities to earn money on their own terms selling content they create using AI (very much a thing and if you’re not doing it you’re silly)
  • Marketers are using it to identify their target audiences and develop strategies and plans
  • Writers are using it to get inspiration, avoid writer’s block, and finish the projects they start
  • Students are using it to find the information they need FAST, in a low-stress environment
  • Programmers are using it, too—to write code. I have lots of thoughts on this as a dev lol
  • Entrepreneurs are using it to replace the work of contractors, saving time AND money

I mean, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. It has some incredibly powerful features that allow you to connect automation (AI ???????? automation) to ChatGPT, and have many steps happen in a matter of seconds… all with the push of a button.

So, you can see that you NEED to at least be exploring ChatGPT at this point. Now, I want to highlight some of the stuff it’s NOT going to be (consistently) able to help you with—or you’re better off doing on your own because like a kid, it’s still learning.

what CAN’T it do for you?

ChatGPT is a complete game-changer. but it’s not perfect—so don’t come in expecting the world, or you will be sorely disappointed when sometimes, it gives you just plain flat-out wrong answers.

Often, it can still save you hours of time by getting you mostly there, but I’ve also often gotten to the point where it took more time to get it to understand the task than to just do it myself.

I’ll be talking about this more in the future, but basically, the very nature of AI is that because it’s always learning and adapting. There are things it simply doesn’t have the context to know how to do (yet).

It’s also important to note that after we recognize a weakness in some area—think “that person has too many fingers/toes/limbs”—these features can take months to improve and often appear in a new release (ChatGPT likely up next, if not 4.5)

With minor effort, you can often teach it to do what you want, or have it get to your desired outcome in a roundabout way, asking for the smaller steps leading up to X result instead of just asking for X.

Some examples of bullshit i’ve fought with it over:

1. Calculations & data processing

For an AI that already released supposedly has powerful out-of-the-box data analytics capabilities, it does a shit job of calculating.

They’re stable features, but they don’t return reliable results at all. So I absolutely positively always recommend that people double-check ChatGPT’s work before using it.

2. A lot of random stuff you’d think it could do

Again, it’s unpredictable. Sometimes, it’s also because it’s expecting information one way, but gets it in another way, and it just doesn’t know how to express that it doesn’t know how to process it appropriately in the context of your conversation.

Who knows. If it don’t work, have a backup plan. This is why we’re still a good ways away from them automating our entire lives!

3. Accessing websites for live data

ChatGPT’s GPT-4 processor has built in web browsing, but it’s still really iffy. It’s not uncommon to get “yeah, give me a link” and “i can’t do anything with that” right after. Some GPTs and plugins are dedicated to web browsing, so give those a try before you give up.

There are other weak areas, but they’re getting patched up with additional knowledge and experience as users attempt something it doesn’t know how to do, or is misunderstood about in its approach.

In short… 

This is just the start of my writings about ChatGPT, and I have videos in the works as well for the more visually-guided. Stay tuned, and hit me up with any questions. Man, I love talking about this shit. ☺️


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